National Urban Summit 2022

National Urban Summit 2022 has reinforced its position as the leading prestigious forum in smart city building & planning in Vietnam. Under the co-host of the Ministry of Construction and the Central Economic Commission, the event was successfully held on November 16, 2022. The event is supported by Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations, Association of Cities of Vietnam and Vietnam Urban Forum; the co-organization include the Urban Development Department (Ministry of Construction), IEC Group and the Alliance for Public-Private Cooperation on Smart Cities.

The conference sessions are intended to serve as a forum for both domestic and international experts to discuss, define, and share long-term visions and strategies for urban development. This will result in more suggestions and recommendations to help with the current and future planning and construction of urban areas in Vietnam. More than 1000 high-ranking representatives from the public sector, heads of national and international agencies and organizations, associations, research institutions, universities, and local leaders attended the event.

The event included the following activities: The Plenary session co-chaired by the Prime Minister, the Head of the Central Economic Commission and the Minister of Construction; 3 Conference sessions is co-hosted by representatives of the Ministry of Construction, the Central Economic Commission, the Science, Technology and Environment Committee, the National Assembly’s Law Committee, Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, Vietnam Urban Forum and leaders of functional departments of the Ministry of Construction; the sessions with the following topics: (1) Enhancing efficiency of urban planning towards sustainable development; (2) Infrastructure development and urban reconstruction; (3) Policies for urban development in Vietnam.

In order to ensure that all levels and sectors have the proper awareness and take the proper and effective actions in the spirit of development, the position, role, potential, and strengths of the urban were concentrated on and analyzed during the Plenary session. Urban development is a catalyst for growth, helping to create a self-sufficient and independent economy linked to proactive and active international integration that is extensive, substantive, and successful.

Conference session 1, titled “Enhancing Efficiency of Urban Planning Toward Sustainable Development”, concentrated on in-depth analysis, evaluation, and discussion of significant solutions for planning and construction, sustainable urban management, and development in accordance with the viewpoint and spirit of Resolution No. 06-NQ/TW; new thinking, theory, and urban planning methods; requirements to ensure that the approved urban planning has a long-term, synchronous, and coordinated impact on all relevant urban areas. which calls for proactive urban planning, infrastructure development, and the development of resources for urban development.

Conference session 2, titled “Infrastructure development and urban reconstruction” concentrated on analyzing, evaluating, and summarizing local practical experiences and solutions to improve the quality of urban infrastructure; invest in and expand, upgrade, and provide services to the poor, informal, and areas with limited infrastructure to help solve poverty and inequality; and promote urban integration; projects, programs on public transportation The development of digital infrastructure in suitable urban areas should be encouraged in order to support environmental improvement, urban landscape architecture, the renovation of the current urban infrastructure system, and the creation of sustainable financial resources.

Conference session 3, titled “Policies for Urban Development in Vietnam,” will focus on the coordination and participation of functional agencies in the development and improvement of policies related to the management of urban development; innovative mechanisms and policies to create leverage for sustainable urban development; the Law on Urban Development and Management and the scope of regulation of urban development management; and solutions on key mechanisms policies to promote. The requirements for innovation produce mechanisms and regulations to support the community’s spirit of initiative and creativity.

With the participation of over 30 top domestic and international solution providers, there was an exhibition showing off Vietnam’s achievements in urban development that ran concurrently with the conference sessions. This helped to advance the country’s urban development and construction process.


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