Industry 4.0 Summit 2021 – A series of 10 conference sessions on key industries in the national digital transformation journey

The Industry 4.0 Summit attracted over 2,000 domestic and international attendees each year, making it one of Vietnam’s biggest annual forums on Industry 4.0.

Following the success from the previous years, to propose solutions for sustainable socio-economic recovery and development in the post-Covid-19 period; promote and improve the efficiency of implementation of guidelines and policies to actively participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution and develop national industry, Industry 4.0 Summit 2021 featuring the theme “Creating the sustainable post-Covid 19 socio-economic recovery and growth & Promoting industrialization, modernization in the digital age” continued to be held in hybrid format by IEC Group, under the chairmanship of the Central Economic Commission, in coordination with relevant central ministries.

The Forum includes 1 Plenary session hosted by Government leaders; a series of 10 conference sessions on crucial industries such as manufacturing, energy, banking, smart city, infrastructure, digital government, agriculture, human resources & education associated with the digital transformation, etc. The series of 10 conference sessions took place from November 9 to November 18, 2021, focusing on topics such as the new theory and approach to industrialization and modernization; building smart manufacturing; developing smart cities; developing green energy and new energy; developing new business models; building e-government towards digital government; developing digital infrastructure and promoting digital technology application; transforming the labor force and developing skilled human resources; the digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas; developing smart banking in the process of industrialization and modernization until 2030, with a vision to 2045, attracted a total of 7,995 delegates from central and local ministries, branches, experts, scientists, domestic and international business community attending both online and offline.

The Conference session 1 featuring the theme “The new theory and approach to industrialization and modernization until 2030, with a vision to 2045”  focused on in-depth analysis and sharing around the current landscape and key trends on industrialization and modernization in the world and region, thereby identifying and offering the modern approach and mindset to industrialization and modernization; learning technology, industrial policy in the world, lessons for Vietnam as well as international experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation shaping the post-Covid-19 recovery; the overview of Industrial Development Report 2020, and analytics & policy recommendations for Vietnam, especially on the manufacturing sector in Vietnam; allocating resources to increase the productivity of the economy, promote the process of national industrialization and modernization.

The Conference session 2 titled “Building smart manufacturing” provided an opportunity for managers, scientists, and leaders of domestic and international businesses to discuss and clarify issues related to accelerating the shift from the traditional model to smart manufacturing in the “Make in Vietnam” direction; promote all innovation, design and manufacturing processes in Vietnam; mastering advanced production technologies, encouraging R&D in the production of digital devices, IoT devices in Vietnam.

With the theme “Developing smart cities in the process of urbanization associated with industrialization, modernization until 2030, with a vision to 2045”, the Conference session 3 focused on discussing and clarifying the necessity and role of smart cities, sharing international experience on developing successful smart cities, application of digital technology in planning and developing smart cities; thereby proposing solutions and recommendations on smart city development in the process of national industrialization and modernization. The Launching Ceremony of  the i-Forum for Smart City (SCiF) was also held as part of the Conference. The organization was formed to improve collaboration in the development of smart cities and sustainable development in Vietnam and the area.

The Launching Ceremony of the i-Forum for Smart City

The Conference session 4 with the theme “Developing green energy and new energy” focused on analyzing issues of energy development to meet the requirements of fast and sustainable development; opportunities, challenges, and experiences in developing renewable energy, especially offshore wind power of countries around the world and policy recommendations for Vietnam. The speakers also presented about new energy development trends, green energy associated with technological achievements; end-of-life solutions for solar photovoltaics and wind power systems in Viet Nam; EVN’s application of the digital transformation achievements.

The Conference session 5 themed “Developing new business models” in-depth analyzed and shared topics regarding the scenarios and major trends of industrialization and modernization in the world and the region, thereby identifying and advocating the new mindset and approaches to develop digital economy; international experience on leveraging technology platforms for digital transformation in the service sector, real-estate sector, and so on; digitizing domestic commerce by e-commerce; digital content services and competition with cross-border digital platforms, etc to promote the post-Covid-19 recovery in the process of national industrialization and modernization. The conference also discussed in-depth about changing and developing new business models to adapt to new trends, from production to distribution, transportation, consumption, and proposed the best solutions to help businesses develop in the new normal.

The Conference session 6 featuring the theme “Building E-government towards digital government” focus on discussing, exchanging, and clarifying the contents of promoting the development of digital government such as experience in ensuring information security for key national systems; deploying the technology infrastructure that supports e-government in the new normal; edge computing in an edge-to-cloud model for digital government; solutions to improve the digital transformation index of localities and the international ranking of Vietnam’s digital government.

With the topic “Developing digital infrastructure and promoting digital technology application in building and management of social and economic infrastructure”, the Conference session 7 focused on analyzing, sharing information about international experience and recommendations for enhancing smart infrastructure development from a World Bank specialist; harnessing digital technology for strengthening long-term economic resilience in Viet Nam from Asia Development Bank (ADB); building digital infrastructure to support the industrialization and modernization process; security solutions for mobile devices; leading digital transformation with superior infrastructure.

The Conference session 8 themed “Transforming the labor force and developing skilled human resources” focused on analyzing and clarifying issues of developing digital human resources for the digital transformation process – international experience and recommendations for Vietnam; the 4th Industrial Revolution and the requirement for labor conversion; educational management information system – a step towards education 4.0 as well as the issue of digital transformation and digital human resource training from the practical experience of the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Conference session 9 featuring the theme “Digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas” analyzed and clarified the development issues of the fruit value chain in Vietnam through the application of a digital platform; smart cultivation – from dream to reality; identifying problems towards low-emission agriculture from the role of digital technology; application of artificial intelligence in food quality assessment; applying digital transformation to agricultural production in Vietnam, and sharing experiences in implementing hi-tech agricultural applications in Lam Dong province.

With the topic “Developing smart banking”, the Conference session 10 discussed and clarified the context of smart banking development in the world and the region, the necessity for the transition to a smart banking model, comprehensive strategies and solutions to promote the development of smart banking from outstanding commercial banks; security solutions for information systems in smart banks from the sharing of payment solution & service providers, thereby proposing recommendations on developing smart banking in the process industrialization and modernization until 2030, with a vision to 2045.

During the Forum, a virtual reality exhibition on models, products, and technology 4.0 as a consequence of Vietnam’s digital transformation of industries was also presented. The exhibition has provided opportunities for direct exchange, learning from experience, and seeking collaboration and investment among leading enterprises and organizations in digital technology research, manufacturing, and application.


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