CIO Digital Roundtable Series

In this time of COVID-19 disruptions and uncertainties, digital transformation has become an indispensable requirement for all organizations and businesses to transform their traditional operations and quickly adapt with the New Normal.

In fact, many enterprises have decided to go digital as a key strategy to improve business competitiveness and stay strong against the pandemic upheavals. In the banking – finance industry, 100% banks questioned in the Vietnam Report’s survey about commercial banks (June 2020) shared that they are in the journey of process renovation and cloud migration. However, more than 60% experts believed that the technology infrastructure owned by a large number of domestic companies still remains inadequate for successful digital transformation.

This CIO Digital Roundtable, in association with VMware, will take a deep dive into biggest challenges facing businesses in the journey of digital adoption, outline hard-won lessons from leading practitioners as they transform their operation to a remote mode and conclude with valuable recommendations for digital responders.

Key discussion points include:

  • How business leaders assess the importance of digital technologies in dealing with unexpected global crisis like COVID-19?
  • Main challenges for critical services, operations and personel in the outbreak of COVID-19 and how Vietnamese businesses have addressed them
  • Building a long-term and secure cloud strategy at scale to boost business resilience levels
  • Setting a holistic transformation to the age of Digital workplace and remote employees
  • What CIOs can learn from the wake of COVID-19 to improve their crisis management and gain sustained competitive advantage?


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