About Us

International Events & Consulting Group (IEC Group) takes the lead in organizing events, conducting market research and providing consulting services, especially in the field of Digital Economics, Innovation, Smart Industry and Banking – Finance.

We have organized a variety of domestic and international high-level summits, conferences, exhibitions with the participation of the Government, the Central Economic Commission and the coordination of Central and Provincial Departments, Ministries and leading international corporations and enterprises. From large-scale annual events to events tailored to the needs of customers, we are geared towards fostering investment connections, adding brand values along with contributing actively to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.

We are proud of having highly-qualified, professional, skilled, experienced and passionate team members who have a great sense of responsibility for work. Our key members have a strategic vision and hold senior management positions at prestigious international corporations.

Our mission is to connect, open up innovation, add value to our partners and customers, and contribute actively to the prosperity of Vietnam.

We are committed to do these great things in Events – Research – Consulting & Services